Original hand-draw kitten illustration
Medium: Graphite
Dimensions: A4

  • This item should not be displayed in direct sunlight
  • Hand signed in lower right corner
  • Prints available in multiple sizes mounted and unmounted
  • This original is delivered UNMOUNTED. Please enquire about purchase with frame


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This kitten portrait was never actually supposed to exist. I began this piece initially to test the paper and charcoal I was using and it ended up being a full portrait. I love the dreamy look of this picture.

This small, original, black and white kitten sketch is a beautiful piece for any cat lover. The dreamy quality makes it appropriate for a nursery.

Cats of all shapes and sizes will always have a special place in my heart. I have always been fascinated with cats big and small and it has been really interesting learning about the subtle differences in the face shapes of domestic cats, lions, tiger and cheetahs. I have used a number of techniques to draw cat fur, usually determined by the type of fur and source photo. This one for example was drawn with graphite. This allowed me to capture the dream like quality with a slight blur. In contrast to draw short haired cats I often use an emoting tool to create great detail and individual hair definition.


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