Original hand-drawn, one of a kind A3 Illustration

Paper: Bristol Board 115lb paper
Medium: Graphite and charcoal
Dimensions: Size of paper: A3 (297mm x 420mm)
Size with mount: 16” x 20” (406mm x 508mm)

  • This item should not be displayed in direct sunlight
  • Hand signed in lower right corner
  • Prints available in multiple sizes mounted and unmounted
  • This original is delivered MOUNTED. Please enquire about purchase with frame


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I have always had a passion for animals and would only draw wildlife if I had the choice! My first trip to Africa a few years ago was absolutely unforgettable and I hope to be able to return soon. I was fortunate to see elephant, rhino, zebra, hippo, giraffe, hyena, jaguar and many others. However, the lions didn’t appear for me! They are usually pretty docile and safari trucks often come across them just lounging around in the road. Unfortunately they did not grace me with their presence but I could never turn down the challenge of drawing one.

This medium sized, original Lion drawing is a beautiful piece to celebrate wildlife. The dark background makes for a striking art piece.

My favourite Disney film…? The Lion King. No, Beauty and The Beast. No, The Little Mermaid. OK..I can’t pick one, but The Lion King is definitely up there! When I was young I danced to songs from the Lion King in shows, I drew the cartoons at home and I watched the musical in London. It has one of the most powerful soundtracks of any Disney film and taught me about the circle of life!

This piece was created mainly with graphite; charcoal was used for the dark background. It was created prior to my discovery of the embossing technique. This is a technique where a sharp tool is used to mark grooves into the paper. When the graphite/charcoal is put onto the paper, it does not fall into the grooves, leaving sharp white details (hairs in this case). This is a much more precise (and easy) way of creating thin and bright hairs, instead of trying to remove particles from the paper with a rubber.


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