Pet Portrait Gallery

Pet Portrait Gallery

Below you will find a collection of completed pet drawings.  All of these have been hand-drawn by me using either graphite or charcoal and will give you an example of what you can expect when you commission your very own pet portrait!

It is usually more effective to have a close up picture of your pet for a small sized pet portrait ( 8" x 10").  Photos of your pet exhibiting stereotypical behaviour or humorous behaviour are also great.  However, for these full body images I would suggest a larger size.

If you are interested in commissioning your own pet portrait, please visit my commissions page. Click on the images below to view in a large window.

Commissioning a Memorial Pet Portrait

Losing a pet is traumatic for all owners  The bonds that are formed between animals and human are so strong, and the grief of losing them can be equal to that of losing a human family member.

Celebrating their life by commissioning a pet portrait of your beloved dog, cat, horse or other animal is a wonderful feeling .  I am often commissioned to create memorial pet portraits shortly after the passing of a pet.  Owners have such strong and intimate bonds with their pets, therefore it is always so important for me to find out about their individual qualities and characteristics.  Somehow, I feel this informs my creation of the piece and it's great to get an insight into the subject.

You can order a pet portrait for yourself, or as a unique and personal gift for a friend or family member,  I often get very busy leading up to Christmas so be sure to order your pet portrait well in advance to avoid disappointment.  My work load changes throughout the year but I am often able to accommodate a particularly urgent request.