Wildlife Art Gallery

Wildlife Art Gallery

Welcome to my wildlife art gallery.  All drawings have been hand drawn in graphite or charcoal.  Please click on the image to view in a larger window and pop to my shop to order original animal artworks and wall art prints.

Zoo Animals

The animal world is one that has fascinated me since I was a child.  Whether it was watching ‘The Lion King’ or David Attenborough documentaries, I have always had an interest in the vast diversity of life on this planet.  

When I was young I experienced exotic wildlife much in the same way that most would; zoos and safari parks.  These experiences filled me with joy and excitement and I have this to thank for my initial interest in conservation.  The pacing of tigers in cages, elephants confined to small fields and orcas in tiny tanks never sat well with me.  Zoos provide access to animals that most will never see in the wild and are of some educational value.  Thankfully I have had the opportunity to travel the world and experience wildlife in a much more ethical way.  I have also experienced some big issues within the tourism industry.  These must be addressed if we are to stop the exploitation of animals. 

Endangered Animals In The Wild

Experiencing animals in their natural habitat and learning first hand about the dangers they face ignited a deeper passion than any zoo could.  It is the inspiration behind my drawing and the reason why I now create wildlife art.  With each piece I draw, I make it a personal goal to educate myself throughout the process and share some of what I have learnt through my art.  

At this time I have mainly concentrated on the larger endangered species.  The tiger, lion, elephant, rhino, cheetah and orangutang.  I hope to continue to create black and white wildlife sketches of many different kinds of endangered species and perhaps draw some attention to some of the lesser known ones.  I am always keen to take suggestions of animals to add to my wildlife art collection! 

For a deeper insight into my experiences with wildlife, feel free to check out my blog post.