Time-lapse Videos

Time Lapse Videos

Here you can find a collection of time lapse videos showing the process of hand-drawing a wildlife commission or pet portrait from beginning to end. Some of these videos give a short over view and some contain audio explanation of the process.

Find all of my speed drawing videos on my youtube channel where I include more information about each process.

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Orangutan Time-lapse

Elephant Time-lapse

Audrey Hepburn Time-lapse

Marilyn’s Eyes Time-lapse

David Bowie Time-lapse

Bentley & Willow Time-lapse

Creating A Speed Drawing

Filming my drawings in progress was something I began doing purely for my own interest.  When I draw, the process can feel quite disjunct.  Pieces take shape over the course of days and everyday life is intertwined with the process.

Therefore I have always loved seeing my hours of work condensed into a few minutes.  Unfortunately, this also makes the process seem easy and fluid, which it never is!  My new super power craving is to draw at the speed of light.  I would get a lot more done!

Recently people have been requesting time lapse videos of their pet portraits being created.  I now I offer custom video files for a small fee.   These are filmed with my Iphone using a ring light, but hope to improve the standard of these videos in the future.  I spend a lot of time editing the individual videos in Imovie and I can add music of your choice.

Time Lapse Videos