Original hand-drawn illustration

Paper: Strathmore 500 series Bristol Smooth
Medium: Charcoal and Graphite
Dimensions: 23” x 23” (584mm x 584mm)

  • This item should not be displayed in direct sunlight
  • No border and fixed with Boyle Matt Spray for protection and to prevent fading
  • Hand signed in lower right corner
  • This original is delivered UNMOUNTED. Please enquire about purchase with mount and frame


Please contact me for personalised international shipping options.

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  • Certificate of Authenticity provided.
  • Original is hand signed and will be delivered flat.
  • Original is delivered free within the UK.  Contact for delivery internationally.


Full size: 23″ x 23″ (584mm x 584mm)


  • This original hand-drawn Prince portrait was created on Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper.
  • This was drawn using only graphite and black coloured pencil.
  • This original wildlife artwork will be best presented mounted and displayed behind a ultra-violet protection glass frame.



This piece is the 4th in my collection of 4 ‘Influential Celebrities’. Prior to this drawing my only experience of Prince was in a show in which I sang a medley of his songs. I have always been more of an 80’s fan and as a child spent an immense amount of time listening to Michael Jackson… not a moment for Prince to get a look in! However, I like to think that my immersion into his music whilst drawing this piece has educated me a little!

My celebrity pieces are my largest and most time consuming pieces. All created with mixes of graphite, charcoal and pastel.

Drawing Prince…

This original, hand-drawn Prince portrait will make a commanding centre piece to any room. Mounted and framed in the correct way, it will be the perfect collection piece for any Prince fan!

I began this drawing, as usual by gridding out my paper and source photo. This is especially important with larger pieces and faces…much more room for error! Trying to capture such an iconic face comes with its challenges and it the reason I would always choose to draw animals over humans…animals don’t get offended if it doesn’t look quite like them!!

I usually like to map out the outline of the main features lightly first just to make sure it sits I get the size right on the page and then begin with the eyes. I always feel that once the eyes are done the rest of the drawing falls into place.

The main challenges this portrait presented were his hair texture and his jacket; so much detail! I trialled a few techniques using different pencils on a scrap piece of paper before deciding on a method and adding his hair. As you can tell in the time lapse video, it most certainly did not look like Prince without it. The jacket is full of different patterns and was the most time consuming part. My previous 2 celebrities were on black backgrounds but I decided to keep this one white so that his hair really stands out.


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