New website and new beginnings…

Doodling onboard Ovation of the Seas – Royal Caribbean

Back on land and ready to doodle!

Hi everyone!!

Welcome to my new, shiny website!

In May I returned from my 6th contract at sea as a featured singer. I am lucky to have travelled to such incredible places as Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam over the past year and am now back on land and ready to doodle.

Whilst away I had a few commissions (mainly tattoo requests from other crew members) but honestly found it pretty hard to resign myself to sitting inside and drawing when I was travelling around the world! In fact, it actually took me almost the entire 10 month contract to complete my A3 Rhino piece (see pic above. Original and prints available for purchase….plug plug plug!)

Aaaanyway….I am back in Hampshire, drawing, singing and looking for a little stability on land for a while. I am spending a lot of time trying to work out the ‘art scene’ and will always appreciate any support you can give, whether it’s a ‘like’ or ‘share’ on my social media pages, or a commission request.

Thanks and I wish you all a happy, sunny weekend….i’m off to see Celine Dion!!! (Ahhh!!)

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