Working for free; is it ever a good idea?

Work for free

Working for free…

As both a performer and an artist I have come across the expectation/‘opportunity’ to work for free more than a few times.  Artists already tend to undervalue themselves and I have recently seen an increase in people selling cheap and adverts for unpaid work.  It’s a controversial subject and one that I can see both sides of.  But we all need to pay the bills…

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Comparison… A Slippery Slope To Insecurity?

Comparison | Self-Confidence


….A slippery slope to insecurity?

As artists, comparing our work with others is unavoidable.  Comparison can be a useful exercise to help us improve our skills and techniques,  but the outcomes of doing so all depend on our intentions …

I would class myself as pretty new artist, having only set up this little business a year ago.  Throughout the process, comparison has been a constant struggle for me; a struggle that I am still trying to tackle.

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Motivation To Draw – A Struggle

Motivation To Draw

Motivation To Draw

….A new struggle!

I have never struggled with finding the motivation to draw. I am a naturally energetic person who jumps out of bed and races through a to-do list with the enthusiasm of a Duracell bunny…until recently.

14 weeks on from the beginning of ‘lock-down’ and I have ground to a halt.  I am finding it comforting to read some other peoples experiences and so i’ll add mine to the melting pot.  Maybe it will be of interest to someone.

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Drawing cheetahs large and small

Big cat original artwork| Drawing Cheetahs

Drawing cheetahs

Is it all about size…?

I have spent the past months drawing cheetahs large and small, so now you can have your pick! My first version of this cheetah drawing was a small 4” x 6” and was donated to DSWF Wildlife Artists of the Year with 100% profits going to the charity.  (I have a few limited edition prints left at only £20…click here to support this amazing wildlife charity.)

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Faking It!

Audrey original hand-drawn illustration progress

I have never studied art. Yep…I am a 100% self taught artist.

I have never studied art under a governing body higher than GCSE level, that is. I am proud to be a self taught artist! For my GCSE art qualification I was required to produce a wide variety of pieces that were to be judged by an examiner.  For each project I had to find a meaning for every brush stroke, explanation for every colour and thought process behind every idea. If i’m honest, I totally faked it!  My focus was more about fulfilling the tick boxes of each module, not about expression, enjoyment or even creativity.

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