Sketch For Survival – Tuft SOLD!

Explorers Against Extinction

Explorers Against Extinction – Sketch For Survival Auction

Sketch for Survival is a global art initiative. The aim is to highlight the plight of iconic species; to raise awareness about threats to habitats and to raise funds through the sale of affordable artwork for nominated front line projects.” –

This year I donated my first ever piece of artwork to Explorers Against Extinctions ‘Sketch For Survival’ initiative.  After learning about the huge decline in Giraffe populations at the awards ceremony the previous year, I knew it had to be a giraffe I drew to help highlight that this species is struggling. 

I had recently been on a roll drawing babies and so figured I would add to the collection with ‘Tuft’! 

‘Hope’ the orangutang |  ‘Gone In A Flash’ the cheetah cub | ‘Tuft’ the baby giraffe.  

Click here for prints.

Final Auction

I was so humbled to have my drawing chosen for the final exhibition / auction and despite the movement of the auction online, I was blown away by the response.  It was wonderful seeing the bids go up, knowing that every penny was going to a wonderful cause. I have always wanted to uproot and move to another part of the world to help suffering animals.  Hopefully in the future this will be possible, but until then I will continue to donate to these auctions to do as much as I can.

The Real World Conservation Trust (RWCT)

Each year The Real World Conservation Trust (RWCT) set up this auction to raise money for that years projects.  For more information about these please click here:

I want to send a huge thank you to the final buyer who has helped me do my bit for wildlife.  With Christmas just around the corner and those pet portrait gifts now under the Christmas tree, I am looking forward to switching up the pace and getting started on some more wildlife pieces for the new year. 

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

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