CHIPS | LEOPARD PRINT (Limited Edition Fundraiser)


Limited Edition print of ‘Chips’ the Leopard cub

Click here for my larger open edition of  ‘Chips’

Only 50 prints will be created at this size.

£10 from each print sale will go to the charities noted.

Certificate of Authenticity and proof of donation provided.


46 in stock




For the larger print of ‘Chips’ please click here


  • This leopard fundraiser print run will be strictly limited to 50 plus 1 artists proof.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity will be provided with every print
  • Each print is hand signed and numbered.
  • £10 from every print will be donated to wildlife charities (more information below).


Print: 8” X 8″
Mount: 1” on all sides.
Full Piece: 10” x 10”


  • 1400 Micron white core.
  • Professional bevelled edge
  • Non-acidic backing and core
  • Buffered with calcium carbonate, purified pulp core.


  • This print is printed on Hahnemuhle Bamboo paper made from 90% bamboo and 10% cotton fibres. It is natural looking and environmentally friendly. 290 gsm
  • The print and mount will be hand signed and numbered
  • This piece fits directly into a standard 10″ x 10″ sized frame.  No custom framing is necessary.
  • The print will be gift wrapped in blue tissue paper and fully recyclable packaging.


£10 from every print will be donated to one of the charities below.

Leopards have been heavily poached for their fur, paws, tails and whiskers.  They are in constant conflict with humans due to habitat encroachment and their prey is in decline because of the bush meat trade.  These fascinating and elusive animals are extremely vulnerable and the work that these charities do is vital to their survival.

Conservation South Luangwa and The Zambian Carnivore Programme are two wonderful initiatives that do incredible work to protect, educate and communicate about leopard and wildlife conservation as a whole.  South Luangwa is the area in which Chipazuwa, the leopard in my drawing, lives and is the reason I have chosen to donate a portion of profits from the sale of this limited edition print run to these charities.


A large version of this print is available in a larger size here.


Leopard Facts

  • Leopards are solitary creatures with large territories; up to 30 square miles!
  • Leopards can jump up to 6 metres high.
  • Leopards hide their prey in trees away from ground scavengers.
  • Choice of prey differs depending on availability.
  • Cubs stay with their mothers until around 2 years old.

Poaching and hunting

  • The leopard is considered one of the most highly sought after large cats by hunters for their fur, claws, paws and whiskers.  Clothing, rugs and trinkets are symbols of wealth in many parts of the world.
  • Leopards are often hunted by humans as they are considered a nuisance by villagers.
  • Hunting, both legal and illegal is difficult to regulate and is mismanaged.

What can we do?

We must take responsibility for what we buy.  Although I personally find even the idea of faux fur quite nasty, if you are someone who buys from markets please check the source.  Real fur is often falsely labelled and has been illegally imported.

We can support charities such as those mentioned above financially and continue to educate ourselves and those around us about the dangers wildlife face.


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